Help with "symptoms", Length of episodes, how long it took for a proper diagnosis of IBS and/or Colitis

I know we have a discussion/course on Colitis that is new. I have questions in regard to IBS and/or Colitis for those who either suffer from it or are caretakers, or know someone with it. I was diagnosed almost a year ago with what we all thought was “C.Diff”. I had ALL of the symptoms, & it was so highly contagious, i “thought” I would have it 10 to 15 DAYS, then it seemed to go away only to “reappear” suddenly with no rhyme or reason. It is “still having issues” so bad at times i can’t even leave the house at all. It has been a major disaster for my life. Between COVID, “the severity of symptoms from what they thought was C.Diff, & my other health problems” I’ve been a prisoner in home I feel like. I had an “extensive” study and those LAB results showed NO C.DIFF, no parasites, no other "bacteria etc to cause my horrid symptoms. I lost weight and whatever I ate no matter if I tried to “not eat” something “and eat others” nothing worked. So, my PCP at this time is thinking it could be either IBS OR Colitis. If some of you will give me some of your personal experiences with these. I will go to a specialist but at this time my county & town itself is very high in the COVID-19 range. THANKS in Advance for any of your thoughts and personal dealings with this terrible chronic illness. Rhia

Hi Rhia,

Thank you for you question. I’m sorry that you are going through this. Have you been on I would recommend posting your question in the forum section on the IBS website so that you can get more responses. You can also search for articles from other patient leaders regarding c.diff; I checked and there are a few articles on there. This article might be really helpful.

Another great place to post your question would be on the IBS Facebook page. There are many people in this community who I’m sure can relate to you.

I hope this helps a bit.


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Thanks so much for the information Elizabeth! I’ll check these out! It is a nightmare! When you feel you fear even walking out your front door… mucID…feel like I am a prisoner in my home… like a ghost rattling a ball and chains… keeping me from everything and everyone I love!!!

That is very powerful Rhia. I’m sending my love to you. I hope that you can do something relaxing for yourself tonight. We’re all here for you and I hope that those links have been helpful. - Warmly, Elizabeth

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